Grades 9 to 12 Catechism


Students in grades 9 through 12 meet Sunday mornings after service to study our Biblical and Confessional Doctrines.

  • After Service
  • 300 Primrose Drive SE Medicine Hat, AB
  • 403 529 5650

"Catechism" - from the Greek word "to teach the truths of the faith"
Students in grades 9 & 10 meet Mondays at 6:50 PM to study our Biblical and Confessional Doctrines. "HC and ME" is a classic course on the Heidelburg Catechism and its relevance for life in our times.


Medicine Hat Christian Reformed Church

We gather to praise God, listen to him, and respond.
We nurture each other in faith and obedience to Christ.
We love and care for one another as God's people.
We commit ourselves to serve and to tell others about Jesus.
We pursue God's justice and peace in every area of life.